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Cryptozoology: Looking for the Big Hairy Guy

My interest in Cryptozoology began early in my teen years. We had moved to a rented 10 acre farm with a large forested area behind the pasture. It include a water source and fields and tons of wildlife. I had heard the many emerging stories of Bigfoot and Missouri's own Momo the Monster and was quite fascinated. I began once again to read voraciously anything I could find on the subject, and decided to start looking on my own in our little corner of the closest thing Illinois had to wilderness. I would go hunting (I had gotten a new pump 20 gauge shotgun for Christmas) and did my best to sit and watch and wait, I looked for tracks or hair or any trace and would document anything I would find. Strangely, somewhere in my late teens my interest dropped away and I find it strange that I do not remember why. We moved again and I got married at eighteen, but why would my interest end so abruptly. The only thing I realized was that my interests had moved to other parts of the paranormal including ghosts and haunting, and I had developed an intense fear of Bigfoot. Funny thing was ghosts no longer scared me, but Bigfoot...


Lets move forward to a meeting of our local paranormal discussion group, The Prairieland Paranormal Consortium. We were discussing Bigfoot and someone mentioned a possible sighting on the old Hobbs farm outside Rochester. You could have knocked me over with a feather, that was the same tract of forest that I used to explore! We often in the past have discussed that possibly I had encountered the big hairy guy and had repressed it out of fear. I think now it might be what happened to frightem me so. I plain on having myself hypnotically regressed to see if this might be true. Now that I have accepted my fear, I am ready to look for the stinky guy on my travels!