The Parabolic Microphone

Generally speaking, most parabolic microphones gather sound by means of a concave shaped reflector redirecting sound back to a central microphone. Often amplifiers may be used for even more sensitivity. The problem is they can be very costly, David looked at what was available and decided to try to build his own and this is the result.  A stainless steel salad bowl was used along with some scrap metal pieces he had laying around. A good dynamic microphone was added and viola' a parabolic mic! David tunes the unit to find the "sweet spot", or the area where the mic is positioned best for the reflection of sound, with a small Radio Shack amplifier and moves the microphone forward and back listening to the feedback produced.  It is a fun tool and will see use on the trip specially during Bigfoot investigations. Watch for results from this fun ParaExperiment!