ParaAdventure #1-Ghosts of the MotherRoad


In the spring of 2015, target date May 3rd, (his birthday) David intends to depart from Chicago, Illinois  on the adventure of a lifetime and follow the Mother Road, Route 66, as it winds through America and through history. His intention is investigating the urban legends, the scary stories, the mysterious, and the unexplained along the hallowed route that carried so many Americans to their dreams and destinies. The paranormal is everywhere, but nowhere are their so many tragedies and deaths and unexplaned happenings involved in the emotional search for a better life than the original cross-country route. David feels that by taking his time, and learning from those who lived it, and those who still experience those happenings, that he can share with everyone what he finds in a methodical, scientific fashion, using the latest in paranormal investigation technology and techniques. He plans to interact and involve his fellow investigators and groups along the way, and sharing the knowledge and findings with all.  You will be able to watch live streaming broadcasts and updates here, plus finsihed "webisodes," (a kind of televison show for the web) of his investigations and of the interesting places and people of Route 66. You will be invited to become a part of the adventure by joining an interactive community to be developed here, called "The Posse," and offer advice or comments on everything.  So sit back and enjoy David's "bucket list" adventures and vicariously enjoy until you too can join him on the road!