The Story of BlackBird

Welcome to the home Page of  The Highwayman's BlackBird. It is the foundation and the first vehicle developed by David specially for the exploration of all types of paranormal activity. The name BlackBird came to David in a dream even before the vehicle was ever purchased. One night when he started developing the concept of a paranormal traveler, he dreamed of walking down a lonely highway and stopped to rest under an old dead tree. Suddenly the tree was full of noisey black birds of all discription and they swooped down and picked him up carefully and carried him down the road. Thus the name BlackBird for his main conveyance. With the dream in mind, David started a search for the perfect motorhome worthy of the name. In tiny Auburn Il, he spotted a 1976 28ft Avco Grand Lodge Class A motorhome sitting quetly in the back of a home, and on looking it over he knew it would be exactly what he needed. He had limited funds though and was afraid it would be to expensive in such good shape. By the Lord's grace, the owner said it was perfect timing because he had lost his job and needed $500  to save his truck from reposession. David happily paid him and with a bit of gas and a fuel filter, he and his helper Karen started his new purchase up and drove it home. BlackBird was found and the real work started; preparing it for the long roads ahead and the rolling paranormal lab it was destined to be..
Below are the pictures of this slow transformation with more to come, David predicts he will be finishing up when it is time to leave in May, if all goes well!..