EVP: The recording of unknown and unheard voices on audio recording equipment.

AVP: The sounds heard by an investigator with unaided human ear.


EVP's are probably the most popular type of evidence we gather on modern investigations. Fact is they have been popular for a very long time. Every since the birth of recording techniques, these strange voices from beyond have been heard. I'm not going to get into a lot of the history here, if you are interested there are tons of books and sites on early EVP capture and study. Just do a simple search or hit your library and READ. I can't stress enough how studying the paranormal and investigation techniques as we know them so far, is important to being a good investigator. Just being here and reading my words is a great start and I will try to guide you to the resources that have always helped me.



First off, lets be sure and define the difference again about EVP versus disembodied voices or sounds. An EVP is not heard with the unaided ear at the time of occurrence. Disembodied voices, or AVPs (Aural Voice Phenomena) are heard by the investigator. Many theories have been presented as to why, and since we really don't know what we are dealing with, You must decide for yourself which holds water for you, and pursue the truth. I will explain my beliefs and hope to convince you, because above all others, this theory seems to be the most logical, when you compare all the variables and what occurs during capture. The funny thing is you can watch it happen on the TV shows and they don't have a clue. It's downright comical sometimes. I have studied the work of others combined with my own and feel this is the right path. This theory has been developed mostly by the research of one of those amazing smart people I call “The Highwayman's Brainiacs,” David Rountree. David's site www.spinvestigations.org is a great place to learn more and very often touted by me is David's book Paranormal Technologies. It is also the first piece of “equipment” I tell new investigators to buy, that is how invaluable I feel it is as a resource. David is my guru!!



EVPs are one of the oldest forms of paranormal Investigation. For many years, investigators have wrestled with the question “why do we not hear EVPs when they happen??” It can only mean that EVPs are something other than a regular audio wave like the other sounds we hear everyday.. There are theories about different frequencies and such, but to many exceptions are about for them to hold any weight. Like EVPs captured in a vacuum; not possible because audio waves cannot travel in a vacuum. We as investigators already understand the importance of Electromagnetic Fields in our research and grapple daily with how they relate to our ghostly quarry. I believe that EVPs are actually electromagnetic fields in the audio spectrum.. This is backed up by the fact that so very often, even on the TV shows, you hear an investigator remark on an EMF spike on his meter as the EVP is being captured. Check yours, or your groups, bet you will find a similar occurrence.



AVPs are another story entirely. Read carefully: to make an audio wave the human ear can hear, there must be a mechanical action. Take for example an often used image of a pebble thrown into a calm pool of water. The ripples formed are very similar to the sound waves we hear. The pebble is responsible for making the waves, just as the human voice makes the sound of words. If this is true, the our spirit friends would HAVE, to manifest into something solid to make the sound of a voice. I have my own theory as to the cause, involving stored radio frequency replaying somehow, but I am still trying to wrap my mind around how this could happen. Some of this stuff is mindboggling!



So now that we have a good working theory, what is the best way to take advantage of it? What kind of equipment works the best for this type of phenomena? The main difference is in microphone designs. One type excels by its design at capturing EVPs as EMFs: the dynamic microphone. Dynamics work thru electromagnetic induction. The construction of the dynamic mic responds to the EMF in the way we want for EVP capture. When I address groups on investigating, I always stress the use of external mics to increase your chances for quality EVPs. Condenser type mics should be avoided, as are most older built-in electret type. Luckily the electret mics built in to the common digital hand-held recorder is of a charged type that does respond and that is why so many have gotten decent EVPs with them. The larger separate dynamic type just responds better and increases your chances of great EVPs. So just add a dynamic mic for killer EVPs huh? Wish it was that simple. You still need to find what works well for you in how you conduct yourself during your sessions, but this will get you on the right track, in my humble opinion.


Thanks for reading!


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