Reason: LIFE!  David's Other Passion, Stroke Awareness

On the weekend of Halloween, 2011 David suffered a simultaneous heart attack and brain stem stroke. He was rushed to the hospital in very bad shape. Later, his cardiologist admitted that he had his doubts David would survive. But luckily he did pull through, suffering setbacks and disabilities, but with a great attitude. Today he has devoted his travels to spreading more than the word of his life-saving faith, and his love of the paranormal, but stroke awareness too. In all of his appearences and public events, you will be invited, but not pressured, to donate to the National Stroke Association. He also has his own page for his fundraising efforts on the home page of the NSA. David encourages you to please click below and educate yourself on the early warning signs of stroke, it may save your life, or that of someone you love someday.Thank you for your interest and if you are able, for your gift of life to others.