The Paranormal Highwayman welcomes you to his new website and home base for his adventures on the great sprawling highways of America. Here you will learn about David H. Lowery and his life-long obsession with all things paranormal. 

    This website is built to be a bit different. David always tries to follow the "KISS" principle of website design; "Keep It Simple Stupid!" Right away you will notice David's disdain for "suckerfish" or drop-down one word menus. He feels that people often miss important articles and topics by not being able to easily scan the content. This may mean side bars stuffed with page menus, but at least you can see at a glance what is here. This is your main connection to "The Highwayman Experience" as David faces each new adventure on the road. A dynamic site, it will change constantly, expanding as new things are added. As always, David encourages his visitors to comment and let him know if problems are encountered. Please remember to include your operating system and browser version in all communication. This is a "Content Management System" site and different web browsers may each show it differently, so if it seems really screwy, let us know!

    David's main goals are to share his knowledge, experience and his investigations into his favorite subject, the unknown! Webisodes, a kind of television show for the Internet, will be available here so you can explore the unexplained with him. Watch as he meets the people, searches out the history, and scientifically analyzes the claims and locations. Also, You can watch special event broadcasts of live streaming programing via LiveStream Channel. You will learn of David's unique methods of investigating, his experiments (which he calls ParaXperiments) and his equipment (or ParaEquipment.) He will show you how to save time and money in your own investigations, and increase the amount of evidence you capture. You will also get virtual tour of "Blackbird," David's vintage custom motorcoach and traveling paranormal laboratory. The Highwayman's Blog will share his views on what he is experiencing, his opinions on what works and what doesn't, and what will need to be done to keep up in such a rapidly changing field of study.

   Due to a big opportunity and a chance to rest a bit, David has taken on a new responsibility that is very exciting! He still loves the open road and the Route 66 trip WILL happen, but he needs a break and a chance to refocus. All the while still expanding his paranormal experiences!
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